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My work has been featured on DCTV (Ireland), and by the activist organizations and Global Citizen, who commissioned a piece for their annual festival in Central Park where i performed alongside Stevie Wonder, Green Day and others.

Other notable performances include the Movement Makers Summit at the NYU Skirball center, and the First Annual Peace First Summit with Maya Soetoro-Ng and Arun Gandhi.



In addition to various curated events all over NYC/Dublin, I’ve been a slam winner at the Bowery Poetry Club and Nuyorican Poets Café in NYC, and Accents Cafe's monthly "Slam Sunday" in Dublin, where i became a finalist in the Lingo Festival Slam with John Cummins and Saul Williams.



The poems cover a variety of territory, with a focus on political activism and standing up for what’s right. Topics range from hot button issues like immigration and criminal justice to more niche areas like hipster hypocrisy and overcoming anxiety.



Fore more poetry, visit the "Lit" page.

“Four Pillars,” Global Citizen Festival, 2017


Lady Liberty

While performing “Lady Liberty,” at a rally in Washington Square Park, i met the video team of Global Citizen, who then produced what became the video above, which eventually tallied 1.2 million views on the FB-hosted video they shared.


GCF 2017

In 2017, I was commissioned by Global Citizen to write and perform a piece about global unity. On 9/27/2017, i shared a stage in Central Park with everyone from Chuck Schumer to Stevie Wonder to help spread a message of peace and love.


“Boot Camp: An Ode To New York.” Produced by Hans Glick