me, a creative professional from New York Metro with an MA in Writing from University College Dublin, and a whole lot to say. I write poems, songs, novels, memoirs and sometimes even tweets. As a photographer, i look for joy; in film, i look for pain. I like to shoot artists and help them tell their story, while telling mine as well.

I've been a Stand-Up Comic, radio DJ, local TV producer, warehouse worker, sales rep, art dept. PA, and busboy. I've performed martial arts, hip-hop, poetry and music at festivals around the world, break-danced for Network Television, and starred in an original musical. One time i played bass guitar in the pit for a teen production of Footloose and it was the most fun i've ever had in my life.  

Always interested in new opportunities. E-Mail is king. I don't answer the phone before 2pm.


@therealbradman on all social media