Brad Daniel Geyer aka Me, a master of none from New York Metro with an MA in Writing from University College Dublin, and a keen grasp of the obvious. I don't like answering doors or phones and i eat pho 3-4 times a week. I write poems, songs, novels, memoirs and sometimes even tweets. I film artists and put the footage together in a way that i think is interesting. I've been a Stand-Up Comic, a radio DJ, a TV producer, a warehouse worker, to name a few. I've performed martial arts at festivals, have break-danced for Network Television, and have been paid for my work as a rapper, poet, actor, videographer, photographer, musician, and most regularly as a bartender in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  I believe that feeling is believing, and in sharing the things that i feel, i aim to help others believe. Does that mean something?


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